MetaX Game public beta test with 65ETH Prize

#MetaX Game Bounty Beta Contest#

Are you a metaverse super player?

If yes, join us the MetaX Game bounty beta test.

Total 200,000 USDT Super Prize Pool!

Date of competition:

16/4/2022 at 08:00EST)— 21/4/2022 at 20:00EST)

How to participate in the event:

Players can participate in the MetaX Game April Bounty Beta Contest in the form of Game guilds or individuals. Players can receive X1 (MetaX token, no public sale yet) airdrop and have a chance to win 200,000 USDT NFT super prize

Event 1: Early birds share 20,000USDT prize

First 100 players participating in the public beta test during the event period will share 20,000 USDT worth of X1 token rewards.

Event 2: Top Battle warriors – Players will battle for 65 ETH worth of NFTs

Players can participate in the form of game guilds or individuals. Top 10 players in each of the below categories will be rewarded with NFTs.

Cat 1:Top 10 players with the highest number of kills

Cat 2: Top 10 with the highest total amount of rewards acquired

Cat 3: Top ten with the highest attacking power

Cat 4: Top 10 with the highest defence power

Cat 5: Top 10 with the shortest attack CD

All 5 categories together can receive total 13 ETH worth of interstellar quantum weapon NFTs. NFT rewards will be distributed within 15 days after the public beta test event end. Please follow the official Twitter for details.

NO. Rewards Value Prize
1 PREDATOR MASK 4 ETH Rare NFT Collection
2 E-5 1ETH Interstellar quantum weapon NFT
3 E-5 1ETH Interstellar quantum weapon NFT
4 E-5 1ETH Interstellar quantum weapon NFT
5 E-5 1ETH Interstellar quantum weapon NFT
6 DISK 1ETH Interstellar quantum weapon NFT
7 DISK 1ETH Interstellar quantum weapon NFT
8 DISK 1ETH Interstellar quantum weapon NFT
9 IRON MAN GLOVE 1ETH Star defence weapon NFT
10 IRON MAN GLOVE 1ETH Star defence weapon NFT

Event3: Metax Game guild Support Program

Call for the most powerful guilds in the metaverse to join the Metax Game guild alliance, where you will get:

  1. Limited Edition Starship and Interstellar Quantum Weapon NFT.

  2. Priority to access to Metax Game’s first batch of new game public beta mining.

  3. 1,000USDT trade guild development fund.

  4. All the promotion resources of Metax Game, including more than 3,000 media channels around the world to increase the exposure and publicity of your guild.

  5. High referral rebate for inviting guild members or other new members to join the Metax Game.

Send your following information to MetaX official email We will contact you within 24 hours:

  1. Guild name

  2. Introduction of your guild

  3. Contact information (Telegram/Email/Twitter)

  4. Community Links (Telegram/Discord)

  5. Social media accounts (Twitter/YouTube/Facebook/Instagram)

Event 4: Attendance rewards—Mysterious NFT lucky draw and 2000U worth token rewards

During the public beta test, users who like/comment/retweet the launch event information for 5 consecutive days can take screenshots and send them to the MetaX Game Telegram or Twitter administrators.We will verify the Twitter account address, and randomly pick 10 lucky users to share the total value of 2000USDT token rewards. One of them can get a mysterious NFT reward worth 1 ETH.

Activity 5: Bug Bounty

Please submit the game bugs encountered during the public beta test and provide suggestions for revisions, and then send them to the official email After evaluation by the develop team, players who have sent valuable questions will receive X1 rewards worth 500 USDT tokens rewards.

About Metax Game

Metax is the only fully decentralized, SLG-like PVP blockchain game built on ETH. It is the world’s first fully decentralized PVP game based on Interstellar and Star Wars IP, covering Interstellar teleport and combat, metaverse social networking, interstellar metaverse warships and weapons NFT collectibles. Players can purchase and collect NFT assets in the game and participate in Metax battles to gain a gamified DeFi experience.